Based in New York City, Marc Quadagno is Chief Communications Officer for one of the largest Bitcoin ATM Networks in the United States.

For over 20 years Marc has worked in media, entertainment and technology, as well as a luxury real estate agent in New York City.

Marc likes to share things that interest him, including politics and current events, real estate, music, movies & TV, traveling and cooking.

Looking for my real estate blog?

Looking for my real estate blog?

Did you come here looking for my real estate blog?

Maybe you were looking for general information about real estate, or maybe you wanted to hire me as a real estate agent, or you wanted to ask me for an internship?

(Believe it or not... I've had all of those as requests...)

And at the moment, I'm not currently working as a real estate agent. About one-year ago, I was offered the opportunity to return to my roots as a corporate communications specialist in the exciting area of cryptocurrencies, namely, as Chief Communications Officer for the largest Bitcoin ATM Network in Greater New York City. It is an exciting opportunity, and people will always need homes, so if I want to go back to working in real estate, I always can.

Now, if you are looking for the real estate blog posts that previously existed at this site, not to worry, because I created an archive of that material.

The real estate blog also remains intact and exists, but I will not be posting anything there for the time being, and for now, this is the only place where you will find a link to that blog. That is not to say that I will not be writing about real estate, because I will be writing about real estate, here, because real estate continues to interest me, but this website is no longer dedicated to my work as a real estate salesperson, rather, it's a site about things I love and hate.

For me, this is great news... it means I can write about real estate when I want to and post it here, but when I want to write about something else, I can, which is what I hope this blog becomes, an outlet for me, that, in turn, comes across as interesting.



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Your DNA Can Appear on People You Never Met, Things You Never Touched