The future of New York City transit in every borough

There are quite a few ideas floating around about new transportation ideas for New Yorkers. This is all well and good, and I commend these people for thinking New Yorkers will adapt easily to transportation methods. New Yorkers love their subways and their cabs. They hate busses and the city already has a tram/cable car that I see few people using. There are ferries and if there was another way to get to Staten Island I'm sure it would be preferred, but only if it was a subway or cab. By the way, you can take a cab to Staten Island...

The Many Disclosure Forms of a Real Estate Transaction

Every real estate transaction involves trust, the firm belief in the reliability of the other party. Buyers must trust that the property is as presented by the sellers, who in turn must trust that the buyer can pay the agreed-to sales price when they say they will. And when a real estate transaction involves a real estate agent, the client places their confidence in another person. The brokers, inspectors, escrow companies, and everyone involved must trust each other to deal honestly and fairly with each other.

See Best Neighborhoods for Dating in NYC

Finding a relationship and finding your home in New York City are more similar than you would think. Trade-offs will have to be made, you’ll probably encounter a lot of duds before you find the one, and let’s face it, both searches are easier with the help of an app. This Valentine’s Day, StreetEasy partnered Hinge, the relationship app, to discover which neighborhoods offer the best bet for finding a date.

Here’s what they found.